In the beginning there was an idea

Glass, of course, has always taken a significant role in everyday life, but as a result of some lucky coincidences and different signs and thoughts, glass and it’s variations started taking over our minds.


The beginning of the road

Our start of the road was interesting and full of discoveries – there were immense amounts of valuable information to gather, there were meetings and business trips. The thought and belief took roots in our minds and hearts that glass has it’s place in interior, that it is a part of original and unrepeatable interior design. And when we put our heads together and discussed our options, a solid decision was made - GLASSSTYLE has to be!


We create to bring joy

We are convinced that glass can not leave a person unaffected, it awes us and everyone else with it’s multifunctionality and beauty. Every glass product is a unique piece of art, because to us working with glass is not just a job, it is our hobby and it brings us joy.


What we offer

  • Individual solutions for the glass constructions:

          - interior and sliding doors;

          - sliding walls;

          - glass stairs, railings;

          - shower walls;

          - aquariums, terrariums.


Contemporary construction practically cannot be done without metal, as many glass constructions are combined directly with metals (elevator shaft, railing, roof, etc. constructions).

Gained experience and expanded activity range allow GLASSSTYLE Ltd. to provide customers with high-quality full production cycle, from design to installation works.

  • Metal constructions:

         - production of standard and non-standard metal constructions from a small bench to massive bridge structures;

         - construction of elevator shafts;

         - railings of ladders and stairs from stainless steel, painted black metal and aluminum;

         - construction of canopies roofs, benches, wheel stands, etc.;

         - restoration of steel constructions.

  • High quality work for reasonable prices.

  • Ability to react quickly and according to your wishes and on demands of the market.

  • High quality installation work.

  • 2 years guarantee on all items and all the work done.